Jacob’s new services expanded for all clients

I am excited to let you know that I have joined Experior Financial Group Inc. for the insurance side of my business and Carte Wealth Management for the investment side of my business.

Experior Financial is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada and Carte Wealth Management is ranked as the #1 Investment dealer in Canada.

I will be able to offer more services to my clients and I will share this with you in the coming months.


“Building financial foundations for families to empower them today and leave a legacy for tomorrow”


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Jacob is out of the hospital and feeling great!

Jacob is out of the hospital and feeling great! His doctor gave him a clean bill of health. Jacob is back in Holland and doing well. He is hoping to extend his trip by another week or so to give him a chance to visit those he could not when he was in the hospital. Jacob and Dianna are scheduled to be back on Monday but hopefully he gets an extension to his departure.

Man of Titanium – no more – check out the hardware – ouch.

Jacob – a new man – with a bright future

Looking good – feeling great – after the operation on his back to remove the hardware.

All of this used to screwed into his spine. It's all out now.
All of this used to screwed into his spine. It’s all out now.

Jacob Delange is in Germany to have a new operation on his back – please read for details

Jacob hopes to leave Germany without any more pain in his back and without the steel rods that were implanted in Vancouver. In Canada they just tell you keep the steel in place for life and put up with the pain. In Germany they have been doing operations like this for 30 years and feel that is normal, low risk surgery and has a 99% chance for success to remove the steel and find the pinched nerve point and remove the pinch item (bone fragment or splinter) that is pushing on his nerve in the spinal column which created the excruciating pain that he has suffered from for so long.

Gerry, Jimmy and Jacob on the MS charity walk.
Of course there is always risk from infection and possibly not even ever find the source of pain but these German surgeons are smart. They will start by trying to localize the source of the pain using Triangulation by anesthetizing 3 different spots around the suspected source of the pain using a needle with the anesthetic and some cortisone to see if it effectively makes the pain go away. So he gets one of those needles 3 days in a row and then on Thursday this week they will sit down with Jacob and compare the 3 days of injection results to decide if they feel that the odds of removing the pain are realistic based on the 3 day test. If it is a go then on Friday this week (June 10) they will open up his back again and remove all of the steel and remove the object that is pinching the spinal cord and creating the pain. It could be as simple as one of the original long screws that they had inserted or it may be a splinter or chunk of bone that wasn’t removed in the original operation in Vancouver. The surgeon is very confident that they will find it and fix it.

Recovery time is 5-7 days in Germany and if nothing shows up as a complication in that time then he can go home to continue healing without any pain. Again, infection is his only real risk from their point of view.

Jacob has asked me to share this detail so that you don’t need to call him or bug him for details while he goes through this ordeal. Please use this blog to post your comments and encouragement to him over the next few weeks.

Let us hope and pray for a successful operation and no more back pain and a successful, no infection recovery process.

Gerry Bakker

Jacob – our “pay it forward” hero – needs your help

Gerry, Jimmy and Jacob on the MS charity walk.

Hello everyone. Jacob Delange had a stupid accident on Thursday morning while mountain biking with his son in law Dave. No fault is due to Dave but Jacob tried a “Teeter Totter” obstacle for the first time without walking over it first and his front wheel went off the side and flipped the bike under the bridge while Jacob flipped over on his neck 5 feet below and broke his neck and back vertebrae. Luckily Jacob was wearing a proper helmet which saved his life but the fall has damaged much more that anyone can imagine.

He had a full MRI which revealed more damage than we knew of this morning.

This is what I understand. Jacob broke more of his back than first thought. He has broke his Cervical #2 and #3 Anterior and has to have a separate operation on that from the front towards the back. He has broke his C4,C5,C6,C7 vertebrae. The 6th exploded and does not exist in any usable form. He has broke his Sternum and his organs are more bruised than initially thought. He has now got 2 chest tube drains in his back to relieve pressure on his lungs. He is intubated to help him breath as his lungs continue to fill up with blood – making breathing very difficult. He is now heavily sedated and in a full neck and body brace to prevent any accidental damage to the 2 damaged sections of spine. His spinal cord is still OK.

Jacob was flown to Vancouver General Hospital and is scheduled for a 4-5 hour surgery Saturday Morning.

Diana is holding up like a rock but Jan and I both guess she’ll collapse on day 3 or 4. At least Eric and Jan are there to support her – long time friends.

Jacob’s brother is flying in from Holland for tomorrow.

Jacob will be in that hospital for several weeks or more. We need to start thinking of how we can support Jacob and his family long term (emotionally, spiritually). Diana, Sabrina, Melissa and Michelle. Jacob will have enough on his plate without any unnecessary distractions.